I found Alun to be very patient, thorough and gave me huge confidence during the day in the handling of your boat. Having never driven a motor boat before I needed this prior to moving on to the other exams which I will be back to do but probably in the spring due to weather. My rating is a 5 across the board I have already put a recommendation on Facebook for BH Marine

Marseille – Palma – 34ft Beneteau Ben, Thank you for delivering her in one piece. We had a brill time and are now looking forward to sailing around Majorca. Keep in touch and let me know the dates so you can stay in our villa.


Turkey – Torbay – 37ft Jeanneau Hi Ben, I can’t tell you how much Bob is excited about the arrival of the yacht. Thank you and also to David for your help in moving Delnies swiftly. Can you move her to Portishead next week? Thanks

John Cason

Lymington – Canaries – 54ft Sailing Yacht Ben, Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for delivering Perseverance safely to Gran Canaria. Your daily e-Mails kept us amused, still can’t believe you managed to get breakfast in bed, how do you manage your crew?!! You are an amazing sailor and well done for spotting tropical storm Vince and avoiding her. Have a good weekend!

J. Larcom

Solent – English channel – New 40ft Motor Yacht I bet you are sick and tired of this life? Cheers for the private tuition and getting us through the fog in one piece… I still can’t get over that my daughter is better than me at doing the man over board procedure. Come on over for a drink when you have a free weekend!! Enjoy the life Ben!!

Ron Vass

Brighton – St Peter Port – 33ft Princess Motor Yacht Please find enclosed remaining balance as requested. Thank you very much indeed for delivering the yacht to St Peter Port, I was amazed at how clean she was after the rough crossing. Thanks also for fitting all the new safety equipment on board, you are a star!! Let me know if you are down this way again and I will show you the modifications and take you out for a spin. Regards,

Simon M

English Channel – 50ft Motor Yacht What an amazing experience, thank you for your mentoring through the Dover straits, I shall recommend you to my mate Richard he needs some instruction!!! Give me a bell if you are in the area. Find enclosed cheque for the delivery and tuition. Take care Ben.


English Channel – 33ft Sailing Yacht Here’s the dosh. Thanks for all your help. Love the boat and have got my sea legs now! Cheers,


In spite of my sickness on our trip, I did thoroughly enjoy it. It was an experience I wouldn’t have missed. Yours & Ewan’s company was much appreciated, sorry you didn’t catch any fish!! I would like to keep in touch, so perhaps I could let you know from time to time, what we are ‘up to’. Many thanks for all you have done for us. Kind regards,

B. Wilkinson

English Channel & North Sea – 40ft Sailing Yacht Many thanks for your call yesterday. We are going down to the boat in Ipswich this weekend and are hoping to sail her, after making a few checks. I enclose your cheque, sorry it’s been so long coming!

Another Motor Yacht delivery completed! I have successfully delivered a Phantom Fairline 46ft Motor Yacht “Phantasea” to Veerhaven in Rotterdam. The conditions were beautiful with a maximum wind force of Force 3. The sea state was smooth to slight. The passage from Weymouth to Ramsgate was the longest day with a few fog patches. A good meal in the evening at pizza express with Dutch company and some dancing lessons in the local club. The next day saw a 5 hour crossing from Ramsgate to Rotterdam entrance “The Maas!” Considering we were motoring out of the Dover straits and following the traffic separation schemes the traffic was light. On arrival to the Maas entrance we checked in with the port and followed a tanker up the river towards Rotterdam central. Rotterdam is the second largest port in the world, so we navigated carefully avoiding all ships. After a 12 mile trip up the river we arrived at Veerhaven and celebrated in style at a local restaurant! Later I checked in to CitizenM in Amsterdam which I recommend, a new trendy hotel located at the airport. Marcel said “Many thanks to you, we all had a great time on the boat, during the trip and in the evenings. We made a very well and safe trip from Rotterdam to Lobith. We sure will send you the foto’s asap.”